Russian-imposed "deputy education minister" in Melitopol notified of suspicion

A collaborator from Melitopol whom the invaders made "the first Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhia Oblast" has been served with a notice of suspicion by Ukrainian law enforcement officers.

The woman voluntarily embraced this sham appointment and began to promote the "Russian world" in education, the Office of the Prosecutor General reports.

Quote: "Under the procedural leadership of the prosecutors of Volyn Oblast Prosecutor's Office, a resident of Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, has been notified of suspicion of collaboration (Art.111-1.5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)," the report said.

According to the investigation, the woman voluntarily took on a leading position in the aggressor state’s "administration" in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine in the autumn of 2022.


Photo: Volyn Oblast Prosecutor's Office

As the Russian-imposed "first Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhia Oblast," the woman ensured the implementation of the invaders’ unlawful "state policy" in the fields of education and science.

"She actively promoted the ideas of the ‘Russian world’, distributed hostile propaganda in order to discredit the actions of Ukrainian authorities, and performed other functional duties aimed at establishing and affirming the temporary occupation of parts of Ukrainian territory," law enforcement officers say.

A special pre-trial investigation is being conducted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

Earlier, the mayor of Melitopol said that 90% of teachers had refused to cooperate with the Russian invaders.

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