Russian IL-76 crash near Ivanovo: death toll rises to 16 — photos, videos

Photos show smoldering wreckage after Russian military plane with 16 fatalities crashes near Ivanovo
Photos show smoldering wreckage after Russian military plane with 16 fatalities crashes near Ivanovo

The number of fatalities in the crash of the Russian military transport aircraft IL-76 in Russia’s Ivanovo Oblast has risen to 16, local Telegram channel 112 reported on March 12, citing sources.

Emergency services continue to work at the site to dismantle the wreckage.

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According to one line of inquiry, there could have been several more unregistered passengers on board.

12 people were reported dead earlier.

<span class="copyright">Screenshot from Astra/Telegram video</span>
Screenshot from Astra/Telegram video
<span class="copyright">Astra/Telegram</span>

Information about the crash of an IL-76 military transport aircraft in the Ivanovo Oblast of the Russian Federation began to spread on social media on March 12. The published footage showed that a streak of smoke stretched in the air behind the plane, after which a part of the plane fell off.

NV publishes photos and videos of the crash and the aftermath of the fall of the Russian IL-76 aircraft.

The Bazamash Telegram channel reported that the IL-76 crashed during a landing approach. According to preliminary data, it crashed in a cemetery near the village of Bogorodskoye, not far from the airfield.

The IL-76 was conducting a training flight, taking off from the Severny airfield and staying in the air for several minutes. During a turn, the plane’s engine caught fire.

<span class="copyright">Astra/Telegram</span>
<span class="copyright">On foot along Ivanovo/Telegram</span>
On foot along Ivanovo/Telegram

The pilot allegedly tried to fly to the airfield, but when he realized that he could not do so, he began to divert the plane away from residential areas, after which it crashed near a cemetery.

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The Mash Telegram news channel writes that a bird hit the engine of the IL-76. It allegedly flew into one of the four engines.

The Russian authorities began to deploy special equipment to the crash site as two helicopters flew to the area of the cemetery where the IL-76 had crashed.

<span class="copyright">Readovka/Telegram</span>
<span class="copyright">Screenshot from the video Astra/Telegram</span>
Screenshot from the video Astra/Telegram

According to the Russian propaganda outlet RIA Novosti, there were eight crew members and seven passengers on board.

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Stanislav Voskresensky, regional governor, said that the fire at the crash site of the IL-76 in Ivanovo Oblast had been extinguished. According to him, the settlements were not affected.

<span class="copyright">Readovka/Telegram</span>

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