Russian governor claims 2 aerial targets downed over Belgorod region

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Russia's Belgorod region, claimed on Sept. 1 that two aerial targets were shot down in the Yakovlevo and Korocha districts.

According to preliminary data, cited by Gladkov, there were no casualties or damage.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that local air defenses destroyed a Ukrainian drone over the Belgorod region at around 9 p.m. Moscow time.

These claims could not be independently verified. Kyiv hasn’t commented on the accusation.

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Russia’s Belgorod region borders Ukraine’s Sumy, Kharkiv, and Luhansk oblasts.

Overnight on Aug. 30, Russia and occupied Crimea reportedly came under the largest drone attack since the start of Moscow's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Russia's Pskov, Moscow, Bryansk, Oryol, Kaluga, and Ryazan regions, as well as the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula, were purportedly targeted.

Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov told the media outlet The War Zone that the drones that attacked a military airfield in Pskov on Aug. 30 were launched from within Russian territory.

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