Russian FSB sentenced a Ukrainian to 16 years in prison for "espionage"

In Russia, Ukrainian Andrii Petkevych was sentenced to 16 years in a strict regime colony for alleged espionage.

Source: Russian RBK

Details: The Ukrainian was sentenced by the Tula Regional Court, the FSB reported.

The special service claimed that a "foreigner on the instructions of the intelligence services of Ukraine" was looking for employees of defence enterprises "from among secret holders" [i.e., people with the knowledge of classified information – ed.]; he allegedly intended to recruit them and obtain information that constitutes a secret in the field of promising small arms development.

The man was detained in August 2021. Local Russian media outlets wrote that Petkevich is 42 years old and has lived in Dnipropetrovsk [old name of the city of Dnipro – ed.].

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