Russian forces destroy 1,500 tonnes of grain in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russian attacks on the Nikopol district in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast have destroyed 1,500 tonnes of grain.

Source: Serhii Lysak, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "The enemy has targeted Marhanets hromada in Nikopol district with artillery today [hromada is an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.]. Two private houses and an infrastructure facility were severely damaged. A power line was damaged [as well]," Lysak said.

Details: The updated information indicates that one of the UAVs hit Mezhova hromada in the Synelnykove district of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. The Russians hit a farm, destroying 1,500 tonnes of grain. Another drone was shot down, and its wreckage fell on the hromada's territory.

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Background: Another Russian attack on Danube ports on the night of 23 August resulted in the destruction of 13,000 tonnes of grain and damage to grain and port infrastructure.

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