Russian forces attack 5 Sumy Oblast communities

Destruction in Sumy Oblast. Stock photo: Getty Images
Destruction in Sumy Oblast. Stock photo: Getty Images

Over the course of the past day, Russian forces attacked five hromadas in Sumy Oblast. [A hromada is an administrative unit designating a city, town, or village and its adjacent territory – ed.]

Source: Sumy Oblast Military Administration

Details: A total of 76 explosions occurred in Sumy Oblast, with Yunakivka, Krasnopillia, Bilopillia, Velyka Pysarivka and Esman hromadas coming under Russian fire.

Russian mortar attacks caused 23 explosions in the Krasnopillia hromada, and Russian shelling caused 8 further explosions there.

Russian forces also deployed mortars and artillery to attack the Bilopillia hromada, causing 13 and 2 explosions respectively.

Russian FPV drones caused 2 explosions in the Yunakivka hromada.

Russian forces deployed an AGS grenade launcher to attack the Velyka Pysarivka hromada, causing 13 explosions, while Russian artillery caused a further 7 explosions there, and Russian mortar bombs – another 5 explosions.

Russian mortar bombs caused an explosion in the Esman hromada, and another 2 explosions occurred as a result of a Russian FPV drone attack.

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