A Russian beachgoer was killed in a shark attack in Egypt while hanging out near a Red Sea resort town

  • A shark attack in Egypt claimed the life of a young Russian man at a Red Sea resort.

  • The man, born in 1999, had just moved to the region with his father, per independent Russian media.

  • A video appearing to show the horrific attack has been circulating on Russian social media.

A Russian man was killed by a shark at a resort town in Egypt on Thursday.

The man, identified as Popov V., died during a stay at the beach resort town of Hurghada, which lies on the coast of the Red Sea, the local Russian consulate said, per state media agency TASS. He was born in 1999, per the consulate.

Popov was attacked by the shark while at Dream Beach, according to Consul General Viktor Vorpaev.

The beach is popular with tourists, but Vorpaev said Popov was not a tourist and was living in Egypt permanently, TASS reported.

The shark in question was a tiger shark, the Egyptian environment ministry said on Thursday. The ministry banned water activities in the area for the next two days and said the same shark had attacked people before.

Following the attack, the consulate warned Russians in the area to "remain vigilant when in the water" and to follow swimming restrictions and instructions from Egyptian authorities.

The independent Russian outlet Baza reported that Popov had moved with his father to Hurghada and bought an apartment in the town a few months ago.

A neighbor of Popov's told the outlet that the victim was with his father at the shore, and that he was heard calling for his "dad" as the attack unfolded.

A video, which was circulated this week on Russian Telegram channels, appears to show several moments of the attack. In the chilling footage, a man in the water can be heard screaming as a shark circles around him before pulling him under and thrashing near the surface.

"Oh my god," an onlooker shouts repeatedly off-camera.

A witness told Russian television network Ren.TV that rescuers tried to swim to Popov, but that he disappeared before they reached him.

Popov's death received widespread Russian media coverage this week, in light of two other deadly shark attacks in Hurghada last year. In July 2022, a Romanian woman and an Austrian woman were killed within days of each other near the resort town.

Shark are commonly found in the Red Sea, but rarely attack people who swim within approved areas. Two other deadly shark attacks at Red Sea beaches have occurred in 2015 and 2018, per Agence France-Presse.

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