Russian attack damages 18 homes in Kyiv Oblast

A Russian ballistic missile strike resulted in damage to 18 homes and one business in Kyiv Oblast, the Kyiv Oblast Military Administration reported on Nov. 11.

A number of non-residential premises were also damaged, but there were no hits to critical infrastructure. No casualties were reported, the military administration said.

"Windows, doors, roofs, and facades were damaged in households due to a blast wave and falling debris," the report said.

Russian forces launched a missile strike at Ukraine's capital on the morning of Nov. 11 for the first time in 52 days.

Blasts caused by air defense systems were heard in the city at around 8 a.m., followed by an air raid siren.

The Air Force reported that the Russian ballistic missile launched at Kyiv was shot down by a Patriot air defense system.

Ukraine received its first two Patriot systems from the U.S. and Germany in April.

In October, Germany pledged to deliver another Patriot system as Ukraine braces for intensified missile attacks during the coming winter months.

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