Russian assault ship hits mine near Mariupol — Odesa Oblast authorities

Russian assault ship hits mine near Mariupol

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"We have reports that a Russian amphibious assault ship of project 1176 Akula of the Black Sea Fleet D-106 blew up near Mariupol,” he said.

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“We are waiting for confirmation of the ‘gesture of goodwill’," he added.

Earlier it emerged that following powerful strikes by Ukrainian forces, the Russian occupiers of Ukraine’s Snake Island in the Black Sea had hastily evacuated the remnants of the garrison on two speedboats.

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Currently, the island is covered in flames, and explosions are heard.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed the reports of the escape of its soldiers from Snake Island and called it a "gesture of goodwill” that would facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain from Odesa.

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Russia has been maintaining a blockade of Ukrainian ports, preventing the export of the bulk of its grain from the country. The Kremlin strategy appears to be to create global food shortages to put pressure on Western countries to withdraw support from Ukraine.

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