Russian army to be replenished with 400,000 new contract service personnel

The Russian Defence Ministry will start new recruitment of professional soldiers to the Russian army from 1 April, their aim being to add 400,000 new recruits to the army.

Source: Russian Radio Svoboda

Details: As Radio Svoboda reported, the Russian Defence Ministry has sent documents to the regions indicating the number of people with whom contracts should be signed.

Radio Svoboda noticed that several Russian regional media outlets immediately published the total number of contract service personnel needed to replenish the Russian army. It was noted that Russia planned to recruit 400,000 such soldiers.

Radio Svoboda indicated that the main part of the work will be carried out by military enlistment offices, and governors will be responsible for the implementation of the plan.

It was also reported that 10,000 people should be recruited for professional service in Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk oblasts of the Russian Federation, and 9,000 more in the Perm Krai.

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