Russian armor column demolished in Donetsk oblast

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Destroyed Russian equipment
Destroyed Russian equipment

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According to the Ukrainian military, enemy artillery – such as the long-range Uragans – are always priority targets for Ukraine.

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“Ukrainian SOF reconnaissance identified an enemy column with six Uragan MLRS and their supply trucks, fuel trucks, fire control vehicles, (armored personnel carriers) and (infantry fighting vehicles),” SOF said.

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“After directing our artillery, SOF were correcting the fire of Ukrainian howitzers, as they were blasting enemy armor to smithereens.”

Russian forces have continued their shelling of residential areas of Ukrainian cities in Donetsk oblast, killing three civilians, head of the regional administration Pavlo Kyrylenko said in a Telegram post on June 25.

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“Throughout June 25, Russians killed three civilians in Donbas: in Bakhmut, New York, and Pervomayske; two more people were injured,” said Kyrylenko.

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He added that it’s impossible to accurately determine casualty figures for Mariupol and Volnovakha. Current estimates put the amount of people killed by Russian attacks in Mariupol to be approximately 25,000.

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