Russian-appointed policemen quit en masse in Kherson due to "aggravated situation in Oblast"


Russian-appointed policemen in Kherson are resigning due to "the aggravation of the situation in Oblast."

Source: UKRINFORM citing their sources in law enforcement agencies

Details: Ukrinform says that Rostyslav Malynovskyi (a traitor from Kherson, who joined the Russian-created "Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior in Kherson Oblast") submitted his resignation letter. He has left the position of "deputy head of the criminal investigation department and the head of the crime detection department" and has asked to terminate his contract "due to the aggravation of the situation in Kherson Oblast."


The second Russian-appointed policeman has asked to return to his previous station in St. Petersburg. According to the published document, D.A.Mettus , who is the "supervisor of the Suvorov city police department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation in Kherson oblast", wants to return to his former place of work allegedly due to the "lack of housing provision and inadequate compensation" in Kherson.

According to the source of Ukrinform, the main wish of the Russian military in the occupied territories is "to quit and flee".


Background: Ukrainian Armed Forces are continuing their successful counteroffensive in Kherson Oblast. Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence reported that planned deployments were being cancelled on a large scale in Russia, due to the refusal of the military personnel to participate in hostilities in Ukraine.

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