Russia uses its own kind of "smart" bombs in Sumy Oblast

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Russia used its own equivalent of US-made "smart" bombs to strike Sumy Oblast on the night of 23-24 March, which means Russian forces may have started producing them.

Source: Defense Express, citing photos of fragments of bombs received from its sources

Details: The outlet received a photo of the bomb’s fragments and identified it as an analogue of the JDAM-ER glide bomb, also known as a cruise "smart" bomb, which is used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Its first use was recorded in occupied Donetsk on March 12. The Ukrainian Air Force reported that the occupiers dropped a total of 11 glide bombs, some of which are the analogues of JDAM-ER.


Quote: "All things considered, Russia was able to begin production of JDAM-ER analogues.

The same wreckage was identified in Donetsk. It is a kit that transforms the FAB-500 M-62 bomb with a high-explosive warhead into a glide bomb with satellite navigation, as indicated by the wing shape and fastening system. It is unknown whether there is an inertial navigation system [in it].

According to these images, a module for the flight control elements has survived. It will allow identifying the navigation system. If there is only satellite navigation, GPS and GLONASS interference will be a way to resist the attacks with these analogues."

However, the most effective option is to destroy the carrier."

More details: The outlet emphasises that it is essential to find out the origin of electronic components in order to eliminate Russia's supply channels.

In particular, it is crucial to identify the manufacturer, the complexity of the production of this type of munition in Russia, as well as the technological level of production, which will allow assessing the actual production capabilities.

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