Russia suggests it is ready to resume gas sales to Europe through Yamal-Europe pipeline

Russia is ready to reinstate gas shipments to Europe through the Yamal-Europe pipeline, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told state media in an interview published on Sunday.

“The European market remains relevant, because a gas deficit remains, and we have all capabilities to restore supplies. For example, the Yamal-Europe pipeline, shut down over political motives, remains unused,” Novak told TASS, a state-owned news agency.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a standoff over the continent’s large dependence on Moscow’s gas sales, with the European Union (EU) looking to wean itself off Russian supplies while keeping gas cheap and flowing.

Eastward gas shipments through the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which carries Russian gas through Belarus to Poland and Germany, were shut off earlier this year amid the conflict.

Novak indicated that Moscow is regularly receiving applications from European consumers for increased gas supplies.

“Today, we can say with certainty that there si [sic] demand for our gas,” Novak told TASS. “So we continue to view Europe as a potential market for our produce. It is clear that a wide-scale campaign has been initiated against us, which ended with sabotage against the Nord Stream pipeline.”

Novak in the interview also said the TurkStream pipeline, which runs from Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea, is running at “full capacity,” supplying 42 million cubic meters of gas daily.

“Right now, the implementation of additional gas supply volume through Turkey after a gas hub is created there is being discussed. We actively work with the countries that will take part in this project, as well as with the consumers that require gas from Russia,” Novak said.

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