Russia’s post-election escalation was expected, though their tactics have changed

Consequences of the attack of the Russian Federation on Zaporizhzhia
Consequences of the attack of the Russian Federation on Zaporizhzhia
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The Russians continue to focus their efforts on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, though their tactics have changed, Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command spokesperson, Natalia Humeniuk, reported on national television on March 22.

"Russian tactics continue to evolve as they seek ways to be maximally effective for their leader and their interests,” she said.

“We are seeking means of resistance, while they resort to suppression, terror, and aggression.”

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The escalation following the so-called “elections” in Russia was expected, Humeniuk said.

"As we had warned, Russia's escalation of attacks, especially from the air, has predictably followed its sham elections,” she said.

“These daily assaults are unprecedented, though they were expected."

The enemy's strikes were concentrated on objects of civilian infrastructure, including energy, she said.

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Massive Russian attack on Ukraine's energy system on March 22 — what’s known

Russia massively attacked Ukraine with drones, cruise and ballistic missiles, targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure on March 22.

The Russian military attacked Ukraine 151 times from the air. Ukraine's air defense forces destroyed 92 of these targets, including 55 Shahed-136/131 drones and 37 missiles.

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Russians launched 12 missile strikes at Zaporizhzhya, destroying seven buildings and damaging 35.

Police reported a "complete restriction" on traffic on the DniproHES dam. Russians hit the DniproHES dam, with a missile hitting a passenger trolleybus carrying people, Mariupol Mayoral advisor, Petro Andryushenko, said.

Critical infrastructure was damaged by strikes in Kryvyi Rih, forcing the city to implement scheduled power outages.

Kharkiv is almost completely without power, as Russians launched over 15 strikes on energy facilities.

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