Russia introduces lessons of lapta in schools, believing it will prepare schoolchildren for army

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has developed an educational course on playing lapta [Russian 14th-century bat and ball game – ed.] for school children. The department believes that the game will help prepare young men for military service.

Source: website of the Russian Ministry of Education, Sirena,

Details: Students from classes 1 through 11 will learn to play the Russian folk game. This will take place in physical education lessons and as part of extracurricular activities.

The department believes that lapta will improve the preparation of all schoolchildren for the passing of the GTO standards [Ready for Labour and Defence, a physical culture training programme introduced in the USSR – ed.] and individual young men for military service.

Quote from Sergey Fokin, Head of the Federation of Russian Lapta: "The introduction of lapta into the school curriculum will make it possible to use it as an effective means of strengthening the health of children and adolescents at school, preparing students to pass the norms of the GTO standards and preparing young men for service in the Russian Armed Forces."

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