Russia halts pay to Ukrainian teachers in occupied territories, Kyiv says

Occupants have not paid teachers' salaries for three months
Occupants have not paid teachers' salaries for three months

Russian occupation “authorities” have not paid salaries to Ukrainian teachers in occupied parts of southern Ukraine for the past three months, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported on Oct. 25.

The report refers to occupied southern districts where the Russians suspect local teachers of “disloyalty.” The delay in payments, the NRC suggests, makes the teachers more controllable and dependent on the terms of cooperation with the occupiers.

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Previously, Moscow changed the leadership of the so-called "Ministry of Education" in the occupied part of Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast. The new “minister” is expected to purge disloyal educators and look for new ones, preferably from Russia, the NRC said.

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The report emphasized that the primary task of these Russia-ran schools "the destruction of the self-identification of Ukrainian children, that is, the genocide of Ukrainians as a nation."

“Therefore, everyone involved in this process will be held accountable for crimes against the Ukrainian people,” the message concludes.

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