Russia’s new Crimea railway a ‘significant target’ for Ukraine — HUR

Andriy Yusov
Andriy Yusov

Russia constructing a new railway in occupied Crimea is a “major challenge” and a “significant target” for Kyiv’s military, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence (HUR) spokesman Andriy Yusov told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on March 21.

“It's a major challenge and threat,” said Yusov.

“Therefore, it's a significant target for the Ukrainian Defense Forces. There are plans, but they don't always align with reality. This is also true for the Russians.”

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Yusov added that Russia continues to rely on railways as its primary instrument for military logistics.

He noted that the Crimean Bridge is not operating in full capacity, prompting Moscow to draft further expansion of its rail network.

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“These plans are being countered,” Yusov said.

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