Russia claims Ukrainian drones attack overnight

A Ukrainian drone was shot down overnight on Nov. 30 over Russia's Belgorod Oblast, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed.

Local Russian Telegram channels also claimed that a group of drones targeted a warehouse of Shahed-type unmanned aerial vehicles in Russia's Bryansk at around 6 p.m. local time on Nov. 29.

The city's residents reportedly heard explosions in the area of the local television center.

Footage published on the Bryanskyi Vestnik Telegram channel captures what it claims are incoming Ukrainian drones and a fire in the city caused by the attack.

Russian official sources did not comment on the Bryansk incident. It is unclear what the extent of damage of the alleged attack was or whether it resulted in casualties.

The Kyiv Independent could not verify the reports.

Russian sources claimed that a Ukrainian drone was shot down overnight on Nov. 29 on approach to Moscow.

Ukraine reportedly also attacked Russia with about 35 drones overnight on Nov. 26 in response to Russia's mass Shahed attack against Ukraine a day earlier.

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