Russia claims it destroyed 38 drones over Crimea

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that overnight on March 3, its forces allegedly intercepted and destroyed 38 drones over Russian-occupied Crimea.

No casualties were reported. Earlier explosions were heard near an oil depot in Feodosia, a resort city in eastern Crimea, according to local Telegram channels.

Russian proxy authorities in Crimea shut down traffic on the Crimean Bridge in the early hours of March 3 following the explosions. No reason was given for the traffic closure.

The bridge, also called the Kerch Bridge, connects the Russian mainland with the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula. Construction on the bridge began after the illegal 2014 annexation and occupation of Crimea, and was completed in 2018.

The 19-kilometer long bridge is a critical supplies and transport route for Russian forces in Crimea and mainland Ukraine, and has been the target of repeated attacks following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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