Russia attacks Dnipro with Iskander missiles

Consequences of a hit on a high-rise building
Consequences of a hit on a high-rise building

Russia attacked Dnipro City with ballistic missiles in the evening of July 28, hitting local HQ of Ukraine’s SBU security service and a residential high-rise. Fortunately, none were killed in the strike, with nine people sustaining injuries.

Dnipro regional governor Dmytro Lysak told Ukrainian TV broadcasters that the attack was carried out using two Iskander ballistic missiles.

“According to preliminary data, two Iskanders: one hitting the residential complex, the other – the SBU building.”

He added that many apartments on the top floors of the residential tower were vacant, which fortunately minimized civilian casualties from the attack.

Lysak farther added that the SBU building has been empty for some time, presumably out of safety concerns due to possible Russian strikes just like this one.

Photos and videos from both damaged buildings are being shared on social media.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy published a video from the scene of the attack, showing the aftermath of the strike on the residential tower.

The State Emergency Service also press service published photos of the aftermath of the Russian strike.

Ukrainian ombudsman, Dmytro Lubinets, shared photos of the damage to the SBU building. He also reported that the upper floors of the residential tower were destroyed, fortunately, they were unoccupied, so a large number of casualties were avoided.

Local public chat groups are also sharing footage from the incident.

Footage of the collapsed building has also surfaced.

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