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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2020 / In every part of the world, one can expect to find a plethora of talent which takes on many different shapes and forms. Of course, there are talented individuals who are widely known on a global scale for their abilities, but there is a substantial amount of talent that has yet to be recognized internationally. Runway Influence, a worldwide digital marketing agency, has established strong relationships with both international and regional talent from across the world, and has organized some of the most influential campaigns with iconic brands while doing so.

Runway Influence specializes in working with social media influencers from all around the globe to help major brands achieve recognition and growth in the most strategic and efficient way possible. Brands find success working with Runway Influence due to the versatility of their influencers, as they function on the mega, macro, and micro levels of social media influencer marketing. They typically work with top-tier models as well as other social media influencers who tote the highest quality of followers, and have executed successful marketing campaigns for many of the most notable brands in the world such as McLaren and Adidas, to name a few.

Runway Influence CEO, Ernest Sturm, created this company 5 years ago when he noticed the quick transition models were making from the fashion industry to social media marketing. He found that social media models have the capability to rapidly increase brand awareness through their ability to draw attention to the brand, and recognized the diverse makeup of their social media followings. According to Sturm, these followings generally include prominent individuals such as investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, designers, photographers, and the "shakers and movers" of the industry.

As a serial entrepreneur, Sturm commonly finds himself traveling to many different cities and countries, something he is very passionate about. He emphasized that he finds great joy in experiencing various cultures as well as interacting with people from all walks of life. Through these experiences, Sturm has developed the ability to naturally connect and build relationships with anyone he encounters, a skill he deems invaluable as it directly applies to his company. Not only does Runway Influence travel worldwide to meet with many of their influencers and clients in person, but Sturm and his team have strong personal relationships with every influencer they work with. He stated, "Our influencers are not just a number on our roster. We speak to each them on regular basis and understand their strengths and weaknesses which allows us to strategically assemble the best team possible for our clients' campaigns."

Ernest Sturm and Runway Influence have no plans to slow down any time soon. They are constantly looking to add to their impressive group of influencer talent, and they have plans to expand into new industries to work with many new clients internationally. So far, Runway Influence has found substantial success with clients in the CBD, wellness, apparel, fashion, beauty, medical, cosmetic, and beverage industries.

Sturm believes his team at Runway Influence is the best in the business, and with them by his side, he strives to be known as the go-to expert in social media branding and advertising. Whether in the United States or visiting a country somewhere overseas, the sky is the limit for Runway Influence and Ernest Sturm.

You can keep up with Runway Influence on their Instagram, or contact them on their Website.


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