Who is running for local Iowa House and Senate seats in the 2024 primary

The field of candidates is set for Iowa's June 4 primary elections, where a number of races for the Iowa Legislature are expected to be competitive.

Candidates for the Iowa House and Senate were required to file papers with the Secretary of State's office by 5 p.m. on March 15 in order to appear on the ballot. This year, all 100 Iowa House seats and 25 of the 50 Iowa Senate seats will be on the ballot.

Republicans hold a 64-seat majority in the House and a 34-seat majority in the Senate.

The Des Moines metro area has seen some of the most highly contested legislative races in the state in recent elections. And that trend is expected to continue this year.

Democrats in several districts will need to choose candidates in contested primaries.

On the Republican side:

  • Two candidates are facing off in House District 41 in Ankeny as they seek to take on Democratic Rep. Molly Buck.

  • And Samantha Fett and former Rep. Garrett Gobble are running against each other in the Republican primary in House District 22, which includes Norwalk.

This fall, the Des Moines metro is expected to see several marquee Senate races.

  • Democrats will be defending West Des Moines-based Senate District 14, held by Sen. Sarah Trone Garriott. She faces a challenge from Dallas County Supervisor Mark Hanson.

  • In Senate District 20, Democratic Sen. Nate Boulton hopes to fend off a challenge from Republican Mike Pike.

  • And Republicans will be defending incumbent Sen. Brad Zaun in Urbandale-based Senate District 22. Zaun faces a challenge from Democrat Matt Blake, who serves on the Urbandale City Council.

Republican leaders in the House and Senate expressed confidence that they'll be able to increase their majorities this year.

"When you have a large 64-seat majority, obviously you’re going to be in a position where you want to be defending a lot of those seats," House Speaker Pat Grassley, R-New Hartford, said Thursday. "But ... as we look across the state there are other opportunities that we continue to have."

Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver, R-Grimes, pointed to Trone Garriott and Boulton's seats as two races where Republicans believe they can be competitive.

"I’m very excited about the candidates that we have for this election coming up," he said. "We have found candidates, good candidates, in all the key districts that we think we have a chance to pick up."

House Democratic leader Rep. Jennifer Konfrst said in a statement that "everyday Iowans are standing up to be part of the solution by running for the Iowa House."

Konfrst said Republicans' push to overhaul Area Education Agencies, reproductive freedom and the state's private school voucher system are among the things motivating Democrats to run for election.

"I am fully committed to doing all we can to get more Democrats in the Iowa House in 2024 as we build back to balanced representation in the statehouse. We know Iowa is a purple state, where Iowa voters value leaders who put people over politics. And in November, the tide will start to turn," Konfrst said.

Tyler Redenbaugh, executive director of the Senate Majority Fund, said Senate Democrats' candidates are running to offer Iowans "a better deal for Iowa."

"Our candidates are everyday Iowans who are active in their communities, which gives them the advantage of understanding the issues facing their families, friends, and neighbors," he said in a statement.

Here's who is running for the Iowa Legislature in central Iowa. Click the link to see a map of the district or find yours on the Iowa Legislature's website, www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find.

House District 21

  • Brooke Boden, Republican

  • Spencer A. Waugh, Democrat

House District 22

  • Samantha Fett, Republican

  • Garrett Gobble, Republican

  • Rory D. Taylor, Democrat

House District 23

  • Ray Bubba Sorensen, Republican

  • Karen Varley, Democrat

House District 27

  • Oliver Bardwell, Republican

  • Kenan Judge, Democrat

House District 28

  • Chad Brewbaker, Republican

  • Laura Snider, Democrat

  • David Young, Republican

House District 29

  • Brian Meyer, Democrat

House District 30

  • Megan L. Srinivas, Democrat

House District 31

  • Mary Lee Madison, Democrat

House District 32

  • Jennifer Konfrst, Democrat

House District 33

  • Ruth Ann Gaines, Democrat

House District 34

  • John R. Campbell Jr., Democrat

  • Danielle Duggan, Republican

  • Samy El-Baroudi, Democrat

  • Rob Johnson, Democrat

  • Dudley Muhammad, Democrat

House District 35

  • Sean Bagniewski, Democrat

  • David G. Green, Libertarian

  • Daniel Schmude, Republican

  • Angela Kay Schreader, Republican

House District 36

  • Austin Baeth, Democrat

House District 37

  • Barb Kniff McCulla, Republican

House District 38

  • Jon Dunwell, Republican

  • Brad Magg, Democrat

House District 39

  • Rick L. Olson, Democrat

House District 40

  • Bill Gustoff, Republican

  • Heather Sievers, Democrat

House District 41

  • Molly Buck, Democrat

  • Matthew Smith, Republican

  • Ryan Weldon, Republican

House District 42

  • Heather Matson, Democrat

  • Heather Stephenson, Republican

House District 43

  • Eddie Andrews, Republican

  • Tiara Mays-Sims, Democrat

House District 44

  • Jake Heard, Libertarian

  • Larry McBurney, Democrat

  • Jason Menke, Democrat

House District 45

  • Brian K. Lohse, Republican

  • Anthony William Thompson, Democrat

House District 46

  • Lynne Campbell, Democrat

  • Dan Gehlbach, Republican

House District 47

  • Carter Nordman, Republican

House District 48

  • Chad Behn, Republican

  • Penny Vossler, Democrat

House District 49

  • Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, Democrat

House District 50

  • Ross Wilburn, Democrat

House District 51

  • Brett Barker, Republican

  • Martin Chitty, Republican

  • Ryan Condon, Democrat

Senate District 14

  • Sarah Trone Garriott, Democrat

  • Mark A. Hanson, Republican

Senate District 16

  • Julie Lasche Brown, Democrat

  • Claire Celsi, Democrat

Senate District 18

  • Janet Petersen, Democrat

Senate District 20

  • Nate Boulton, Democrat

  • Mike Pike, Republican

Senate District 22

  • Matt Blake, Democrat

  • Brad Zaun, Republican

Senate District 24

  • Jesse Green, Republican

  • Margaret Liston, Democrat

Senate District 26

  • Gannon Hendrick, Republican

  • Kara Warme, Republican

  • Mike Wolfe, Democrat

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