‘Run What You Brung’: North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip opens for Black Bike Week this year

The North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip is open for Atlantic Beach Black Pearl Cultural Heritage and Bike Festival this year, and the co-owner is encouraging bikers to “Run What You Brung.”

The strip, 1985 Star Bluff Road in Longs, allows those who are interested in street racing to do so legally on the track, according to Jeffrey Gore.

The idea of “Run What You Brung” allows anyone to bring “motorcycles, tricycles, whatever you bring” to race, Gore said.

“It’s not safe on the beach side, you don’t have the opportunity to race, not legally,” said Aaron Cox with the Carolina Knight Riders, the motorcycle group that founded the annual bike festival. “People will do that safely by coming out to the track and relax and watch races or participate if you want to in a safe environment.”

Gore said he is watching the weather Friday, but the track is set to open at 2 p.m. It will also be open noon Saturday and Sunday. A “grudge match” will be held Saturday and Sunday. And there will be a flag man for the races, Gore said.

The track usually closes about 10 p.m.

Gore said it’s been a mixed crowd of people who have been coming out to the drag strip over the last few days. There have been younger and older racers, and even women wanting to race the guys, he said. “(It’s a) time for them to whip on the guys a little bit,” Gore said.

There also have been vehicle races, including a Telsa that beat a Corvette, Gore said.

“Racing is something that whenever you’re fascinated with it, it never leaves you,” he said.