A Rumored Microsoft Bid Pushed Yahoo's Stock Up 10%

Rebecca Greenfield
The Atlantic Wire
A Rumored Microsoft Bid Pushed Yahoo's Stock Up 10%

Yahoo's up for sale and Microsoft is considering throwing its moneys into the bidding, reports Reuters. "Microsoft Corp is considering a bid for Yahoo Inc, resurfacing as a potential buyer after a bitter and unsuccessful fight to take over the Internet company in 2008, sources close to the situation said on Wednesday." In February of 2008, Microsoft offered $44.6 billion to buy Yahoo, but the deal never went through--Yahoo wanted more money. Microsoft and News Corp. have been mentioned as potential buyers since at least Monday evening when The New York Times's Dealbook named them in a report on the sales process. But it was the Reuters report, which said reported that Microsoft was considering a bid that made investors giddy. After it was published the stock shot up, closing the day up over 10 percent

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