Royal Roundup: What Does Bride Kate Middleton Have In Common With Snooki?

Kate Middleton, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- Getty Images

Prince William blows off some pre-wedding steam, Kate goes for the natural look and finds she had something in common with Snooki. All this and more in today's Royal Roundup!

Prince William's Fearless Pre-Wedding Footie Match: He's set to walk down the aisle and wed his bride, Kate Middleton, in front of a worldwide audience of two billion, but that didn't deter the future king of England from playing a rousing - and slightly rough -- game of soccer (or as the Brits call it, "Footie") on Wednesday in Battersea Park, South London. Apparently, the 28-year-old Prince paid little attention to his safety on the field. After zooming down to the park on a Ducati (wearing tracksuit pants and a red jacket), he dove in to get the ball and block the opposing team. Lucky for the world, those playing with Wills - pals from his old school, Eton - took care. "His opponents were careful not to get too physical with him," a source told The Mirror." They didn't want to be responsible for him walking into the Abbey with a black eye."

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The Natural Look: Kate's follicle fashion for her big day has been revealed - sort of. She is likely to have those amazing brown tresses done "naturally," The Mirror reported. According to hairdresser Richard Ward, who is said to be teasing the bride's coif, she has just one request - "my husband must recognize me," he told The Mirror, quoting the Princess-to-be. She will, however, have something in common with "Jersey Shore" star Snooki when she walks down the aisle . The Sun reported on Thursday that Kate will be getting a spray tan today. Her groom, though, will be opting for a nice shade of pale. "I leave all that metrosexual stuff to David Beckham," Wills is reported to have remarked when Kate suggested the tan. He is, however, getting a manicure. "With two billion people watching, he needs perfect hands," a royal source told the paper.

The Vows: Whoops! Kate Middleton is quickly learning the ways of the royals, but she may have had a little lapse when she was caught driving with, what appeared to be, her wedding vows, partially peeking out of the back seat of her car. Among the words captured by photographers on the visible piece of paper, and printed in all the tabloids on Thursday, including The Sun and the Mirror, were, "The wearing of the wedding ring," and "With so much love in your hearts."

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Late To The Party? London has been packed all week with fans waiting to see the Royal Wedding, but according to The UK's Guardian newspaper, it is today that "The Madness Officially Begins." The paper dedicated two whole pages to Royal Wedding madness, most of which focused on the presence of American media covering the event, and whether the Yanks will actually be getting up super early in the morning to watch the big event.

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