'Roughest landing': Watch video of plane bouncing off runway as it attempts to land at LAX

A Boeing 747 operated by Lufthansa Airlines ran into a couple of bumps as it landed at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

Video footage of the landing, captured by Airlines Videos Live, shows the aircraft skidding on the runway and then bouncing off the ground as it attempts to land. The plane then takes off again, flying for a few minutes before successfully landing.

"What? Whoa, whoa, whoa," the commentator of the livestream could be heard saying. "We're getting that go around. Holy moly. Wow. That is the roughest landing I think we've ever caught on our broadcast."

A Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa flight was scheduled to land around 1 p.m. ET at LAX after a more than 11-hour flight from Frankfurt, Germany, LAX's website shows.

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No injuries reported

Lufthansa Airlines, in an email statement to USA TODAY, said that Flight LH 456 from Frankfurt to Los Angeles had a "rough landing" Tuesday. 326 passengers and 19 crew members were on board the flight and no injuries were reported.

The airline said the plane later flew back to Frankfurt following "an assessment by the cockpit crew, a consultation with the technical department on site and in Frankfurt and an initial visual inspection," where it will undergo further inspection. Lufthansa did not specify if the plane flew back empty or had passengers on board.

Airline Videos Live captures planes as they take off and land at LAX Airport. The livestream was created in 2019 by Los Angeles TV News photojournalist Kevin Ray, according to the YouTube channel account description.

While Boeing incidents have been in the news in recent months after a series of high-profile incidents, aviation experts maintain you shouldn't worry about flying.

“We don’t have to worry that there’s something systemically wrong with aviation,” Clint Balog, an associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, previously told USA TODAY.

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