Roger The Kangaroo Is Back And He’s Showing Off His Guns Again


Back from his break. Roger flexes his muscles (Kangaroo Sanctuary)

Roger the buff Kangaroo is back - and it looks like he has been working out.

The muscly marsupial bounced to fame last year when he was discovered at a kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs, a remote town in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The seven-foot tall beast, who weighs some 200 pounds, was shown flexing his considerable muscles and crushing metal buckets with his bare paws.

He also has a fearsome stare.

Roger, unsurprisingly, was dubbed “Kangaroo Dundee”.


Roger in the sanctuary in Alice Springs (Kangaroo Sanctuary)

And now he has emerged from his summer break.

On Friday, sanctuary keeper at Christopher Barns posted a picture of a buffed-up Roger on Instagram:

“After a summer break we reopened this week for our guided sunset tours. Here is Roger enjoying the attention of our visitors,” wrote Barns.

Roger, a red kangaroo, is the main attraction at the sanctuary.

Red Kangaroos are the largest of all kangaroos and Roger is bigger than most.

They can be aggressive and cover around 30 feet in distance with just one leap from their powerful legs.

Roger though did not seem destined to be an all-powerful animal.

He was discovered by the sanctuary when he was a tiny baby joey after his mother was killed on a highway.

He is now thought to be around 10-years-old.