Ron Paul: Latest GOP debate was ‘disgusting’

C.J. Ciaramella - The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller

GOP presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul says he was disgusted by the atmosphere of Tuesday’s GOP debate and felt like simply walking off stage at one point.

Speaking at a manufacturing plant in Newton, Iowa, Paul told the Des Moines Register, “I can tell you that after the first 45 minutes I was tempted to walk off that stage. I thought it was disgusting.”

Tuesday’s GOP debate in Las Vegas, hosted by CNN, was the most contentious yet between the Republican candidates, with sharp attacks and frequent bickering. Paul decried the spectacle and theatrics that have consumed modern presidential campaigns.

“These TV shows where they beat up on each other, I think that’s what the people like,” he said. “They enjoy this. They think it’s a game they’re playing.”

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