Romney's New Marriott Job Pays Him a Fraction of What He Made It This Year

Alexander Abad-Santos
December 3, 2012
Romney's New Marriott Job Pays Him a Fraction of What He Made It This Year

After pumping his own gas, watching terrible movies, visiting Disneyland, and, oh yeah, lunching at the White House — all while his former staffers were trying to explain videos and ads and polls and everything else — we're in that stage of Mitt Romney's post-election saga where he has found a new job. Not that it will pay him much, or that he hasn't held it before, but Romney will rejoin the board of directors at Marriott, the exclusive hotel of the campaign announced Monday. (That's Romney with J.W. Mariott above.)

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"It is the former presidential candidate’s third time on the board. He served from 1993 to 2002, quitting to serve as governor of Massachusetts and from 2009 to 2011, when he left to run his campaign against President Obama," reports The Washington Post's Rachel Weiner, who adds that Romney's first day will be Monday. But you could argue that Romney was doing a lot of work for Marriott throughout the campaign, even after he recused himself from his position for a third straight presidential run. Romney, as WaPo's Jason Horowitz reported in October, turned the chain (and its deep Mormon ties) into the "semi-official innkeeper of his presidential campaign." "From Iowa to Ohio to New York City, Romney has wheeled his carry-on bag into Marriott lobbies," reported Horowitz. And that kind of publicity was enough to catch the eye of The New York Times's Nick Confessore: 

Romney's Marriott board salary probably a tiny fraction of business he brought in to Marriott hotels during the campaign.

— Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) December 3, 2012

Confessore tweeted this partial answer to just how much he raised for the hotel chain:

@philiprucker @alecmacgillis This question has an answer! Romney disbursements to Marriott (only one part of the pie) totaled $1,471,555.

— Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) December 3, 2012

And according to The Wall Street Journal's David Wessell, Romney's new job won't send him over the $250,000 middle class threshold... 

Pays $60,000 a year plus $1,250 /meeting RT @breakingnews: Mitt Romney rejoins board of directors of Marriott International @cnbc

— David Wessel (@davidmwessel) December 3, 2012

...though, yes, we know that his assets and investments clearly do.