Romney's Hometown Conundrum

National Journal Staff

For a presidential candidate to lose his or her home state is a particular embarrassment. After all, it's not just any state -- it's the one where people presumably know you the best, have taken the best measure of your character and smarts, and have found you wanting.

Al Gore is the last presidential candidate to lose his home state. Richard Nixon lost his adopted New York in 1968 but held California where he was raised and served as a congressman and Senator. But he won New York four years later, in 1972, in his blowout of George McGovern, who lost his native South Dakota.

Adlai Stevenson lost his home state, Illinois, twice in 1952 and 1956. Tom Dewey lost New York in 1944 when he ran against FDR, but won it four years later against Truman.

In the scheme of things, the home state loss tends to be forgotten. But in the months leading up to November it'll be interesting to see what Romney does with Massachusetts. Does he spend money there? And if he does, is that just to influence next-door New Hampshire, a genuine swing state, or to help Republican Scott Brown in his tight-as-a-tick Senate race with Elizabeth Warren?

While Romney's made his business record his greatest bragging point, he's also talked up his time on Beacon Hill. How will it fit into his narrative if he only sets foot in Massachusetts to visit his headquarters instead of to actually campaign? Read more

--Matt Cooper


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[Politico, 5/27/12] Even as he's shored up the GOP nomination, Romney's failed to clearly articulate his plan for America if he becomes president, worrying some who wonder exactly what he'll do if he's elected.

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California is a Romney Home State Too

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[National Journal, 5/27/12] Former GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich has high hopes for Mitt Romney’s chances with Latino voters, pegging his eventual support among that demographic at about the same level as won by George W. Bush, or in the 40 percent range.

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