Romney: Ryan Is Man of Vision

Romney says Rep. Paul Ryan's leadership begins with character.

  • Romney said the seven-term Wisconsin congressman is a problem-solver who works across the aisle. “He doesn’t demonize his opponents. He understands that honorable people can have honest differences,” Romney said in Norfolk, Va., the USS Wisconsin as a backdrop.

  • Ryan, 42, is an intellectual leader of the conservative movement, noted as the author of a GOP budget that sharply cuts taxes, spending, and entitlements. Like Republicans in the House and Senate, Romney has embraced the controversial plan.

  • “Gov. Romney is the man for this moment," Ryan said in Norfolk. He said President Obama's "misguided policies" have left the nation facing "debt, doubt and despair." He said his own "record of getting things done in Congress will be a very helpful complement" to Romney's "executive and private sector success outside of Washington.”

  • Democrats have been a solid wall of opposition to Ryan’s budget plans, particularly his proposal to sharply curb Medicare growth and shift many seniors to private insurance. His presence on the ticket gives Obama and his party an opening to attack that and other lightning-rod aspects of the Ryan budget.

  • Romney’s choice is sure to energize conservatives who want their ticket to show a commitment to reduced spending and lower national debt.

  • The challenge for Romney and Ryan will be convincing moderate, independent and undecided voters they will benefit from the Romney-Ryan approach to taxes and the economy.

  • Obama leads in polls of Wisconsin, but Romney is making a play for the state.