Romney and Obama Release Dueling Mother's Day Videos

Connor Simpson
Romney and Obama Release Dueling Mother's Day Videos

President Obama and Mitt Romney went head to head on Sunday, but it wasn't in a debate or over a hot-button election issue. They both released videos for Mother's Day.

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Obama's video starts off with a slideshow of the President growing up with his mom, with a voiceover of the President listing the lessons he learned from her and from his grandmother. Then the video shifts to shots of Michelle playing with the First Children, and he calls Michelle "the best mom I know."

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The video released by the Romney campaign features Mitt and Ann's five sons relaying some of their favorite memories of their mom from when they were growing up, like how Ben was so skinny she made him pancakes every day to try and help him gain weight.

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If we were to compare the two videos, the Obama video has a slight lead in views over the Romney video with a 394 to 306 advantage. The like-to-dislike ratio advantage also goes to the Obama campaign's video. Their video has a 1,018-21 like-dislike ratio, whereas the Romney video has 219-25. Clearly the Obama video's numbers are a little skewed considering it's only been viewed 394 times. Obama's video has a standard "Happy Mother's Day" title, while the Romney "#MothersDay" title went for a more tech savvy approach.

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You can watch Obama's video here:

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And the Romney campaign's video here: