Romney aide slams the press, Senate majority leader plays the press: The dumbest political quotes of the week

Taylor Bigler

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Things got a little testy between the press corps and Mitt Romney’s press secretary earlier this week in Warsaw, Poland.

To be fair, reporters were shouting questions to the GOP presidential candidate in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider such as, "Governor Romney do you have a statement for the Palestinians?” and "What about your gaffes?”

Romney’s press secretary Richard Gorka condemned the press corps for being disrespectful in front of a religious site, while using an expletive in the same breath.

"Kiss my ass. This is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect," he said.

The sentiment was there, but Gorka’s delivery was just a little off. Later that day, he called reporters to give what was most certainly the world’s least sincere apology.

Cringe Factor: 3/5


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is really gunning for GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney.

In an interview with The Huffington Post published Tuesday, Reid said that a former Bain Capital employee told him that Romney had not paid taxes in more than a decade, which is why he refuses to release his tax returns. If that wasn’t unsubstantiated enough, Reid then got a little personal:

"His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son," Reid told Huffington Post.

Regardless of the fact that delving into father-son relationships would hurt the feelings of the manliest of men, the supposed embarrassed father, former Michigan Gov. George Romney, has been dead for 17 years.

If Reid wants to go for personal attacks, he should probably brush up on the Romney family tree.

Cringe Factor: 5/5


Barack Obama conspiracy theories don’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. This one though, perpetuated by a Tennessee state assemblyman, really takes the cake.

State Republican Rep. Kelly Keisling sent an email to constituents Tuesday with a link to a story that suggests the president is planning to fake an assassination attempt in order to stop the Nov. 6 presidential election from happening.

A portion of the e-mail, which was reportedly written by an aide but sent under Keisling’s government account read, “God help us, if ANYONE stoops to this level!... As I was reading this article I kept thinking that the more we are aware that something like this is remotely possible, the better off we are to recognize it and fend it off.”

After some backlash from the media and his constituents, Keisling issued an apology. Still, there should probably be some sort of repercussions for Keisling for even reading those theories in the first place.

Cringe Factor: 5/5