New Romney Ad Accuses Obama of ‘War on Religion’

Lara Seligman


In their latest television spot, the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee accuse President Obama of conducting a “war on religion,” pointing to the president’s health care overhaul as a threat to religious freedom.

The ad is an effort to attract Catholics and other religious voters by capitalizing on imagery from Mitt Romney's trip to Poland this summer.

It does not explicitly say how the Affordable Care Act forces religious institutions to “go against their faith,” but cites a news article headlined “Obama Insurance Decision Declares War on Religion.” The article, from a February issue of the San Antonio Express News, is an opinion piece that criticizes the Obama administration’s efforts to require religiously-affiliated institutions to cover birth control.

“Romney believes that is wrong,” a voice-over says as the spot cuts to images of Romney giving a speech in Warsaw, Poland, this summer. Quoting former Pope John Paul II, he says “be not afraid.”

Text on the screen then reads “Endorsed by Lech Walesa,” the former President of Poland.

The ad steers clear of explicitly addressing the contraception controversy. Democrats have charged that the GOP was waging a “war on women” after Romney and other Republicans denounced the provision. Romney has said he would repeal the 2010 law if he is elected.