ROLL CALL: Oprah Winfrey To Her Fans: E-mail Me!

Oprah Winfrey waves goodbye to her fans on the last show episode of "The Oprah Winfrey" show on May 25, 2011 -- HARPO Productions

Your Daily Dispatch of Celebrity Shenanigans

O's Inbox! : Oprah Winfrey might have signed off, but fans of the daytime talk show queen can still keep in touch with Lady O. During her last show on Wednesday, Oprah told her audience that they could still keep in touch with her by E-mailing her at has already contacted her and even got a response back! "Thank you for watching the finale," she wrote. "I could feel your beating hearts, along with mine, through the TV screen. I'm off to take a little rest, and then I'll get busy working on OWN. Take care of yourself." So give O a shout out, she just might write you back too!

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Kim's Man Unleashed! : Kim Kardashian reportedly got herself a $2 million engagement ring from fiance Kris Humphries - and she also got all of THIS! Maybe worth more than $2 million!?

Bieb's Bling : Speaking of spending too much on your bling, Justin Bieber made the wise decision of reportedly dropping $25,000 for a 12-carat "Family Guy" Stewie pendant. According to TMZ, Justin's new extravagance is made from multi-colored rubies and white diamonds and set in 14-carat gold. Check out Justin's cartoon bling HERE!

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Your Daily Win! : And in more sparkling news, the New York Post's PopWrap blog has something from Amy Poehler that is bound to make you smile! Enjoy Amy in all her retro glory, HERE!

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