Rogue kangaroo smashes through a window and onto a sleeping couple's bed

A kangaroo left a couple hella shocked after it smashed through a window of their house and leapt straight onto their bed as they were sleeping.

The unusual home invasion happened to Bill and Norma McConnell from Torquay, Australia, on Sunday morning.

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"Firstly, I didn't realise it was a kangaroo. I heard the enormous crash and then I could just see this big, brown mound in front of me," Norma told 9 News.

The 1.5 metre (4.9 feet) marsupial kept going after jumping around on top of the couple's bed — hopping around the house and scratching up furniture. 

Bill used a dining chair to try and marshall the roo to outside the home, but it ended up retreating behind one of their lounge chairs. A perfect chance to take a photo.

"It's not a very good photo, but it does show that it is in fact a kangaroo and we're not making up this story," Bill told the news outlet.

After ten minutes, the kangaroo finally made its escape out the back door and hopped over a fence in the backyard, ending the standoff. 

The roo hasn't been seen since. *Roo mystery intensifies*