Rock the Vote Forgot a Voter Registration Deadline

John Hudson
Rock the Vote Forgot a Voter Registration Deadline

Rock the Vote, an organization whose sole purpose is to encourage more young people to vote, has an "awesome event" that will feature music, Assassin's Creed III, lots of flavored water, and voter registration, all at Chicago's Columbia College on October 12. The only problem? The last day to register to vote in Illinois is October 9. 

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The snafu was caught this morning by Jim DeRogatis, the co-host of WBEZ Chicago's terrific radio show/podcast,  and points to actual facts on how to go about registering to vote in Illinois (locals: see here).

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But rather than ridicule the do-gooding, let's use this as a moment to revisit the organization's ubiquitous "We Will" campaign (pardon "#WeWill" campaign!) about why voting is both cool and responsible. "We will matter... We will be heard... We will vote," say Kathy Griffin, Neil Patrick Harris, Miley Cyrus, Darren Crisis and others. That is not true, kids. You won't matter, you won't be heard and you won't vote—unless you register on time. 

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