Robi Domingo embarrassed by rumours with Sandara Park

The actor says that he feels ashamed for getting her involved

23 Jun - Actor Robi Domingo recently admitted that he is embarrassed with the rumours of romance between him and K-pop star, Sandara Park.

As reported on PEP, the actor, whose breakup with Gretchen Ho was previously linked to his closeness to the former 2NE1 member, said that not only did he find the rumours funny, but also distracting to the point that he felt ashamed to communicate with Park.

"She doesn't deserve all the noise given to her because of me. She's a big star there," he said.

As for rumours that he was secretly meeting up with Park in South Korea, Domingo explained that it was just a misunderstanding.

"Yes, I went to Korea before, but we weren't together. We only met once, when there was a lunch with her whole management team," he said.

He also denied trying to keep their relationship a secret by saying no to some fans' request for him to pose with Park while they were there.

"I took a picture of them, but not with Sandara, because they have a policy in Korea about that," he said.

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