Rob Riggle Acts Like a Jerk to Promote Chipotle's Halloween Offer [VIDEO]

Todd Wasserman

Comedian Rob Riggle plays an amiable jerk in this spot promoting Chipotle's "boorito" Halloween promo. For the uninitiated, the chain offers $2 burritos on Halloween for those who come in dressed in a costume "inspired by the family farm." (Think farmer, animal, crop or farm implement.)

The Frankenstined Riggle, operating in the Chevy Chase mode, gives a kid a half-eaten candy bar, knocks another one over, destroys a carved pumpkin, toilet papers a few houses and steals and crashes a cop car, all in the name of Halloween fun.

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It's not quite as elegant as Chipotle's last video ad, the award-winning "Back to the Start", but it's funnier at least.

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