Road rage shooting victim has long road to recovery despite miraculous strides, family says

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The 55-year-old Nashville man and father of five who was shot in the head Thursday, March 28 on Murfreesboro Pike in a road rage incident is out of the hospital and slowly recovering after doctors initially thought he wouldn’t survive.

The victim wants to remain anonymous out of fear for his life, but his daughter, Brianna Tapia told News 2 her dad was pulling out from work on Murfreesboro Pike Thursday around 9 a.m. when he saw a car speed past, then pull up next to his truck.

“He said he had really dark tinted windows and he didn’t even see him or anything, and all of a sudden he was shot,” Tapia said. “He couldn’t move and he was on a phone call so he just kept screaming, and he still can’t speak very well, so he kept screaming, ‘Shot, shot, shot.'”

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The victim shot in the head and was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition. Meanwhile, Tapia and her four other siblings booked a flight to Nashville to be by their father’s side.

Tapia described first seeing him as “surreal.”

“He luckily is here with us still, but he had a drain coming out of his brain, and he can’t speak very well. I mean, you really don’t know how to feel,” Tapia said. “You never think it’s going to happen to you or anyone close to you. You hear about it all the time on the news, but you never think it’s going to be you.”

David Bush, 22, was charged with attempted homicide and reckless endangerment after reportedly admitting to detectives he was driving recklessly on Murfreesboro Pike to try to follow his girlfriend who was in a separate car, according to Metro police.

Officers said a witness’s dash camera caught Bush’s girlfriend passing the victim in the middle turn lane with Bush following behind in the same lane. When the victim moved into the turn lane, Bush was forced to slow down, according to police.

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Detectives accuse Bush of then swerving across multiple lanes, pulling up next to the victim’s truck, and firing multiple shots hitting the victim in the head.

Police found Bush at his car’s registered address the afternoon of the shooting, officers said.

Bush is out of jail on a $125,000 bond, according to jail records.

“I have four kids and if any of my kids were to commit such a senseless act of violence, they would do the time of their crime, and he is just at home living his life like he didn’t just try to kill my dad,” Tapia said.

Tapia told News 2, just a few days ago, doctors expected her dad to be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. He is still having difficulty talking and has a long road to recovery.

Tapia started a GoFundMe to help with her dad’s medical bills since he will likely be out of work for the foreseeable future.

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She also shared some advice for others:

“I personally think everybody should have a way to protect themselves at all times,” Tapia said. “I personally carry at all times, and I think it’s very important for people to have some form of protection because you have no idea what your day-to-day is going to look like.”

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