Road Rage: Driver Strikes CA Bicyclists at Random

We here at TakePart HQ have time and time again espoused the virtues of the two-wheel lifestyle—but in doing so, have we been putting civilians at risk?

On July 6, in California's San Gabriel Valley, a motorist willfully targeted two cyclists with his four-wheeler in two separate collisions, according to the Monrovia Police Department.

Nineteen-year-old driver Anthony Piva hit his first victim, who suffered moderate injuries, a mile south of Monrovia. Piva then targeted a second bicyclist, a 63-year-old man, by driving up behind him and then circling him, before deliberately striking. This second biker was severely injured on impact.

The Pasadena Star-News states that two men in a Mini Cooper witnessed the second clash and pursued the perpetrator, following him onto the freeway while telephoning the local police. Piva then recognized he was being followed, pulled over to let the car pass, then rammed into the Mini from behind. Talk about road rage.

Piva eventually lost control of his vehicle, hit the center divider, and flipped his vehicle. A police officer brought the whole fiasco to a close when he successfully apprehended the driver as he attempted to flee the scene.

What incited the motorcar ruffian? Was it deep-seated resentment for tree-hugging environmental protectionists at large? We may never know for sure—but it probably had to do with the felony DUI charges slapped on him by the California Highway Patrol.

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