Road marking bid approved

Apr. 3—At the suggestion of county engineer Christian Boehmer, Union County Board of Supervisors Monday approved the low bid for road lines to be painted. The bid of $58,792 was from Vogel in Orange City. Boehmer said Vogel was one of four bids and the lowest by about $20,000.

Sections of roads in the work order range from less than 1 mile to about 10 miles. Some sections of certain roads were repainted as part of the U.S. Highway 169 detour last summer. Boehmer said a work schedule has not been determined.

The list includes:

180th Street from Adams County line to the cemetery.

Cromwell Road from 180th Street to U.S. Highway 34.

150th Street from Adams County line to Highway 25.

P17 from Highway 34 to the end of pavement.

Hi and Dry Road from Patt Street to the Ringgold County line.

140th Street from Highway 25 to Green Valley Road.

130th Street from DNR Road to Green Valley Road.

Green Valley Road from DNR Road to Creston.

Cherry Street from Creston to Adair County.

REA Road from Cherry Street to Lorimor.

160th from North Ash Street to North Osage Street.

North Osage Street from 160th Street to Howard Street.

South Cherry Street in Creston to airport entrance.

Pole Road from Highway 34 to 240th Street.

K Road from Highway 34 to end of pavement.

Lark Avenue from 170th Street to Highway 34

Twelve Mile Lake Road.

Old Highway 34 from Highway 34 to Afton.

190th Street from Afton to High School Drive.

High School Drive from 190th to end of pavement.

150th Street from Nighthawk Avenue to Creamery Road.

Third Avenue in Thayer.

Willow Avenue from Highway 34 to end of pavement.

Ringgold-Union Street from Main Street in Shannon City to U.S. Highway 169