The Road to Fiscal Doom, Women in India, and Baseball's New Trauma

Esther Zuckerman
The Road to Fiscal Doom, Women in India, and Baseball's New Trauma

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Top Stories: Jennifer Steinhauer chronicles the road to the fiscal stalemate

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World: In the story of the 23-year-old in India who died after internal injuries stemming from a gang rape "many women in the world's largest democracy say they see themselves." 

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U.S.: An economic development project in Vermont is using "a federal program that gives green cards, or permanent residency, to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in an American business — the reward for the investment is a chance at United States citizenship." 

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New York: The woman charged in last week's subway pushing has a long history with mental health and law enforcement in New York, and her story bringing attention to how the city cares for its mentally ill. 

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Media & Advertising: David Carr writes about how for the media 2013 is "particularly important" and looks at "a group of leaders who confront very steep hills to climb in the year that ends in lucky 13." 

Baseball: Though baseball is not normally associated with head trauma it will now enter the debate that has consumed the N.F.L. after the suicide of Ryan Freel. 

Opinion: Bill Keller does some NRA role-playing

Music: Now that's commitment — a soprano shaved her head to get the right look for her portrayal of Elizabeth I in the Metropolitan Opera's Maria Stuarda