Riverwatch Brewery Closing its doors

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta’s first brewery to open since the Prohibition era has announced it is closing its doors for good.

Riverwatch Brewery has been around for nine years, and it is time to say goodbye.

“We have really enjoyed being here. We have enjoyed serving our beer to folks from Augusta and around the world who come during the Masters,” said Brey Sloan, Owner of Riverwatch Brewery. “And that’s what I think I’m going to miss more than anything else: the people. Sitting, we have regulars who come all the time, but just getting to meet new people and talk to folks and find out about them.”

When she first opened the brewery, many told her Augusta would not let her, but she was told yes when she asked.

“The time was right. That public safety commission was just like, yup, this is okay with us. So, when we were actually able to open, it was very exciting. Augusta had not had one in 95 years,” said Sloan.

Even during COVID-19, although it was not the best time for business, they still brought customers joy by packaging special brews.

“We then made a wild fermentation IPA, which we called Joe Exotic. Then we made a white IPA, which we named White Tiger, and sold them as a three-pack. I mean, it was a lot of fun. We just had a good time with it, just because people were looking for something to do,” said Sloan.

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Although people have fond memories of the brewery, It is time for it to close.

“It’s not getting the foot traffic we would like to see. We tried to move downtown. Because of Georgia Law, I have to make the beer in the same place that I serve it. So, I would need a big enough space to make the beer and have customers sitting,” said Sloan.

With things getting in the way, although she is sad to see the brewery go, Sloan says she knows it is time.

“After I retired from the army, I took a grand total of one month off, and then I went off the beer school. And then I came back and started this whole thing. So I’ve never really had a large break of retired time, so that might be the thing to focus on,” said Sloan.

Don’t worry — you still have time to visit. The official last day will be April 19th, their eighth anniversary.

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