Rising from the stigma of violence and abuse: Bodybuilder Markie Williams launches transformation podcast

Markie Williams
Markie Williams

She is an icon of strength, but behind her muscular physique lies the truth that she was once abused and trafficked without someone to turn to for help.

A champion national bikini athlete, entrepreneur and real estate broker, Markie Williams stands as a beacon of hope for victims of violence, abuse and human trafficking to rise from the trauma of their past and believe that there is a better life ahead.

Although working full-time on her bodybuilding and real estate careers in the greater Seattle area, Williams is a committed advocate for human rights.

She initiated the “Project Markie” podcast with a goal to help victims of violence and abuse find a “safe space” to recover and transform from their painful life experiences.

“I was a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking for four years. It was the worst and darkest time of my life. No one knew what I was going through and I was afraid that if I tried to get help, no one would believe me.” Williams said.

“Only one domestic violence legal advocate made a difference when she fought for me and encouraged me to fight for myself,” Williams added saying her life’s purpose today focuses on a similar path, which is to help other victims realize their own self-worth and discover their full potential.

“Project Markie” podcast provides a collection of interviews and one-on-one talks with victims and survivors of human trafficking, sex trade, domestic violence and abuse, including a two-part narrative that detailed William’s traumatic experience with a boyfriend who abused her physically, emotionally and trafficked her as a masseuse who would perform illicit sexual services.

In the podcasts, Williams acts as the host who compassionately makes the flow of discussion, providing an environment that is liberating at the same time therapeutic for her guests.

The podcasts also offers listeners and abused victims who remain mum about their situations to find an avenue for healing as they could learn about how others survived and transformed their lives.

“My experiences are what drive me to help other victims. I want to encourage them to do whatever they need to get help and get out. I want them to know that they are not alone and should not be blamed for any of the abuse they received. They should not feel ashamed,” Williams said.

She has been involved in many non-profit organizations advocating against human trafficking, domestic violence and homelessness since 2015, said it is important for victims to have a platform to turn to for help.

The 31-year old fitness guru and entrepreneur escaped her own trauma by pushing for her passion in bodybuilding until she created a name for herself being a five-time national qualifier for the National Physique Committee and two-times a Natural Bikini Pro athlete.

“Today, the best thing I can do is let the victims know I care about them. I believe they have intrinsic value and purpose in life. And when they are ready to leave an abuser or start a new chapter, I’m here to help or support them in any way that I can,” Williams said.

The second season of the “Project Markie” podcast is scheduled to air in Spring 2020 after the successful culmination of the program’s first season in December 2019. It has generated thousands of listeners from across 11 countries worldwide and ranked number 47 on the Apple charts.

For the second season of “Project Markie,” more unique stories of survival and transformations are expected to be revealed as more survivors of violence and abuse came to the podcast to share their experiences.

Williams hopes that her podcasts reach more people, specifically the victims who remain miserable from their own trauma, so they too can be motivated to rise up and transform for a better future.