RIM axes 16GB PlayBook

Brad Reed
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Ever gluttons for punishment, BlackBerry mulls PlayBook sequel

We hardly knew ye, 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook. The demise of the 16GB PlayBook, first reported by N4BB and later confirmed by Engadget, means that RIM is only offering the more expensive 32GB and 64GB versions of its tablet. A RIM spokesperson told Engadget that the company is still “committed to the tablet space” but simply feels that “there is more value for our customers in the higher capacity models (32 GB, 64 GB).” N4BB, however, speculates that the real reason for dumping the 16GB tablet boils down to value for RIM, since “there is barely any profit on every 16GB PlayBook sold,” especially “given the price cuts putting the PlayBook to its relative production cost.”

Read [N4BB] Read [Engadget]

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