Rick Perry: Teen Mom Wendy Davis Should Have ‘Learned From Her Own Example’ (VIDEO)


Embattled Texas Governor Rick Perry is in the news again this morning, this time for what critics say was a thinly veiled attempt to publicly shame and dismiss his nemesis, Senator Wendy Davis.

After she bested his party in a 13-hour filibuster that effectively killed his controversial anti-choice bill, Perry announced this morning that having been a teen mom herself, Davis should have “learned from her own example” and realized that “every life has value.”

Perry unilaterally opposes abortion, including in cases of rape, incest and when the mother’s own life is at stake. He’s also pro-death penalty; just this week, Texas executed its 500th death row inmate since 1976.

Planned Parenthood already released a public statement in response to Perry’s comments this morning:

“Rick Perry’s remarks are incredibly condescending and insulting to women. This is exactly why the vast majority of Texans believe that politicians shouldn’t be involved in a woman’s personal health care decisions. Women are perfectly capable of deciding whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child, and they don’t need Rick Perry’s help making that decision.”

Perry’s successful attempt at defunding Planned Parenthood and cutting reproductive services such as access to birth control have already resulted in a massive upsurge in unwanted pregnancies in Texas, costing the state around $273 million.

But it seems that the more Perry attempts to legislate women’s medical choices, the greater ammunition he gives his opponents. The governor is currently among the most unpopular in the country, and a growing number of his own party believe he should not seek reelection.

July 1 could be a major turning point. The governor has ordered a second special session in the Texas Senate to push through his controversial anti-choice bill that would all but kill access to safe, legal abortions for most Texan women.

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