Richland County property transfers: June 27 - July 1

"For Sale" Real Estate Sign

These real estate transactions were recorded in Richland County between June 27 and July 1:

572 France St., Mansfield; Donald J. Stepp to Joshua S. Moore; $77,000

118 Leppo Lane, Mansfield; William S. and Sharon A. Lacy to Sara and Richard Walton; $154,900

484 Woodward Ave., Mansfield; Teresa S. Grant to Loretta D. Haubert; $120,000

72 Glenbeck Lane, Mansfield; Cathy J. Evans and John G. Evans Living Trust to Justin J. and Betsy L. Baublitz; $146,000

219 Atcheson Ave., Mansfield; Appleseed Realty Inc. to MPW TAKS LLC; $30,000

2069 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Jason R. and James W. Bryant to Scott C. and Heidi M. Fickes; $459,000

159 Alexander Drive, Ontario; Chad D. and Ashley N. Wilford to Rhonda Paletta; $650,000

79 Yorkshire Drive, Lexington; Mary A. and Paul E. Delong Jr. to Jonathan F. and Emily E. Dech: $155,000

51 Jeffery Ave., Shelby; David G. Hutchinson Revocable Trust to Kevin King; $35,000

383 Wood St., 55 W. Arch St. and 555-557 S. Main St., Mansfield; 22 Mansfield Ave. & 60 Walnut St., Shelby; James P. Winans, aka James Winans and Jessica L. Winans, to RCHB 1 LLC; $541,667

3898 Grimwood Drive, Shelby; Cory J. Yancer to Nicholas and Katelyn Lamp; $185,000

48 Helen Ave., Mansfield; The unknown heirs or real estate beneficiaries of Ronald D. Kehl, deceased, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as trustee for Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Trust 2004-BO1; $29,541

852 Lincoln Terrace Drive, Mansfield; Mann Rentals LLC to Jason and Brandy Radojcsics; $65,000

272 Ohio 314 S. (two parcels), Mansfield; Kristi Hostetler, co-executor of The Estate of Mary Elaine Reesman, to Victoria Howard' $200,000

310 E. Baseline Road, Shiloh; Teresa S. Grant to Donna K. Spoerr; $59,000

89 S. Ireland Blvd., Ontario; Carolyn A. Salone to Frederick and Gale Lemmons; $140,000

14-16 E. Main St., Plymouth; TNT Bar and Grill LLC to HRF Properties LLC; $50,000

8256 Olivesburg-Fitchville Road (two parcels), Greenwich; Donna M. Siebert to Robert C. and Michele L. Seidel; $500,000

525 Beer Road, Ontario; Corpad Company Inc. to Mansfield Richland LLC; $470,000

43 High St. (two parcels), Shiloh; James E. and Stephanie Fletcher to Marvin Cole; $2,800

555 Park Avenue East, Mansfield; Corpad Company Inc. to Mansfield Richland LLC; $1,150,000

One parcel (52,4464 acres) on Ohio 96, Shiloh; Kim Yost Wagoner to Daniel N. and Susan A. Nolt; $462,072

181 S. Trimble Road, Mansfield; Gary L. and Jane McKean to Wallace Investment Properties of Ohio LLC; $90,000

1360 Frederick Court, Mansfield; Nancy F. Clark to Brian and Dona Warner; $200,000

441 Davis Road, Mansfield; SPS Properties of Mansfield LLC to Diana L. Donovan; $184,900

518 Glendale Blvd., Mansfield; Ian A. Kibler to Melinda A. Gerrell; $140,000

450 West Shore Drive, Lucas; Carol A. and Dale R. List to Susan Brown; $200,000

34-36 Marvin Ave., Shelby; Dean C. and Kathryn W. Schimpf to Kevin C. Hess; $91,500

2870 Butler Newville Road, Butler; Christopher M. Sealey to Francis C. Divelbiss and Katrina L Knight; $175,000

1077 Delwood Drive, Mansfield; Arthur P. Pritchard, et al. to Terry Shaw; $61,400

3995 Dinninger Road, Shelby; Patrick Joseph Bentley, trustee, to Fusion Home Solution LLC; $155,000

460 W. Shore Drive, Lucas; Richard and Mae Ann Plodzien to Samuel D. Neer and Kendall E. Fout; $180,000

515 Fifth Ave., Mansfield; Richland County Home Buyers LLC to Madison L. Adams; $67,500

One parcel on Tucker Road (new split), Lucas; $20,000

1890 Ashland Road, Mansfield; Corcoran Service Solutions LLC to Dumell Properties LLC; $155,000

1645 Rock Road, Mansfield; Harlan E. Miller to Brooke P. and Michael R. Magyar; $211,000

611 Edgewood Road, Mansfield; Erica and Robert Parnisari to Alex J. and Amanda M. Kulka; $259,000

1194 Wyandot Ave. (two parcels), Mansfield; Michael S. Maxwell to Joshua L. Huff; $15,000

One parcel (74.077 acres) on Settlement Road E., Shelby; JoAnn M. Sutter, trustee to Sutter Brothers; $907,443

60 Cleveland Ave., Butler; G & S Property Management LLC to David H. and Janice T. Stupka; $162,000

2434 Mansfield Lucas Road, Lucas; John J. and Lisa R. Stevens to Kimberly K. Middleton; $370,000

1108 Reed St., Mansfield; Sandra N. Crank to Daniel and Sharon Boroff; $50,050

45 E. Main St., Shelby; Apex Contracting Group LLC to Dove Candle Bar Company LLC; $50,000

1327 Sharon Road, Mansfield; Malory L. Yockey, fka Malory L. Bogantz, to Tabitha Roland; $205,000

26 N. Walker Ave., Mansfield; M D Alexander Homes LLC to Jonathan A. Fulwider; $134,000

414 Agate Ave., Mansfield; Donna K. Thompson to Joshua Ramsey; $103,000

1535 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Michael D. and Karen A. Cline to Randall L and Michelle Lillo; $264,000

1101 Free Road, Shiloh; Alvin O. Zimmerman, Samuel O. Zimmerman and Irvin O. Zimmerman to David O. and Lydia Zimmerman; $115,000

2578 Darlington East Road, Bellville; Daniel Reising to Juanita Diles; $24,010

3425 Sherman Road (two parcels), Mansfield; Yvonne Thomas, Toby Thomas and Brandon Thomas to Charles A. Kleilein; $180,000

1625 Westover Lane (two parcels), Mansfield; Lindsay Eldridge to Robert and Erica Parnisari; $478,000

32 Broadway St., Shelby; Estate of Janice Elias and Estate of Frank B. Elias to Lee Grey; $25,000

1099 Mock Road, Bellville; Dawn L. Hammett, fka Dawn L. Lewis, to Jonathan and Ashley Barnett; $172,800

54 Independence Drive, Shelby; Maria L. Green to Cody R. and Kendra L. Bryant; $225,000

571 Garfield Place, Mansfield; Miguel A. Gonzalez to Stephanie Graham; $85,000

476 Taylortown Road, Mansfield; David J. and Pamela J. Crank to Danielle R. and Mark A. Ash Jr.; $165,000

2360 Alta West Road, Mansfield; Wilbur C. and Mildred G. Gerber to Brian M. Gerber; $90,000

1622 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders LLC to June I. Rox, trustee of the Harry J. and June I. Rox Revocable Trust; $239,900

694 Sloane Ave., Mansfield; Samuel H. Williams to Gregory M. Ellis and Justina L. Mitchell; $130,000

3484 St. James Road (three parcels), Lexington; The Estate of Betty L. Kochert to Jacob S. and Hannah M. Miller; $271,000

1468 Marion Avenue Road, Mansfield; Corey M. and Leah Cook to Stephanie Edwards; $127,000

2869 Eckert Road, Lexington; Jason and Thalia Hoak to Steven A. and Heather M. Poppe; $63,000

2031 Park Avenue West, Ontario; Rusty V. Whiteamire, trustee, to House of Pieces LLC; $274,855

826 Red Maple Lane, Ontario; Red Maple Farms Community Homes LLC to Terry A. and Charleen D. Harper; $39,700

1813 Lexington Springmill Road S., Mansfield; Kunkle Family Irrevocable Living Trust to Emma Fackelman; $100,000

380 Topaz Ave. (two parcels), Mansfield; Mohammed Ajaz to Kinsey M. Kriner; $90,000

766 Pulver List Road, Mansfield; Tammy Stolsmark to Jacob D. Stolsmark; $55,000

36 Fourth St., Shelby; David R. and Viola D. Granger to Izaiah B. Hurst; $90,000

231 S. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Sheri Gross to Helen Avenue LLC; $57,500

709 Ashwood Drive (two parcels), Mansfield; Clinton L. and Jill C. Thress to Andrew W. Genetta; $435,000

1090 Charwood Road, Mansfield; Mary Alice Williams to Richard Knight Jr. and Jeremiah Franks; $270,000

918 Lexington Ontario Road, Mansfield; Angela Miller, Trudy L. Schmidt and David F. Schmidt to Kegan Terry; $160,000

881 Red Oak Trail, Mansfield; Rebecca L. Benjamin, trustee, to Jacqueline M. and Joe P. Gaither Jr.; $219,000

53 Broadway St., Shelby; Constance M. and Charles E. Raub Jr. to 53 Broadway Shelby LLC; $45,000

2376 Eckert Road, Lexington; Timothy B. and Julie S. Babcock to Eric Bolles and Caleb Maynard; $200,000

218 Brookwood Way N., Mansfield; Kevin S. Robinson to Andrew W. and Shelbi Pylant; $122,500

110 Spruce St., Mansfield; Russel and Brenda White to Ellyn F. Meade; $89,900

1665 Ohio 603, Ashland; Kevin and Dawn Kleiman to Ben R. and Cheryl A. Thompson; $215,000

408 Edgewood Road, Mansfield; Zachary J. and Lauren E. Motter to Haley A. and Duane Hatcher; $190,000

This article originally appeared on Mansfield News Journal: Richland County property transfers: June 27 - July 1