Richard Johnson: Meghan said to be miffed about access to royal jewels

Meghan Markle is said to be fuming that she has no access to the royal jewels.

At King Charles III’s first state dinner for South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Queen Consort Camilla wore a diamond and sapphire tiara that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, while the Princess of Wales, Kate, wore the pearl and diamond tiara that was the favorite crown of the late Princess Diana.

Markle is said to feel left out. Meghan is still Duchess of Sussex, but has no right to borrow the royal tiaras and gems the way her rivals do.

All Meghan has is a pair of modest pearl and diamond earrings that Queen Elizabeth gave her.

With the royal coronation coming up on May 6, there’s no word on whether Prince Harry will buy Meghan new jewels from the $20 million he got for his new book, “Spare,” and the additional $100 million he reportedly got for his Netflix deal, including a documentary about their love story set to be released on Dec. 8.

Meghan didn’t make the cut when the prestigious diamond company Leviev unveiled its new “Empresses” collection.

The two-piece set includes two unique diamond rings, the first a 6.4-carat emerald shaped yellow diamond, worth $440,000 inspired by Camilla, Queen Consort, plus a marquis-cut 8-carat stone, valued at $328,000, for the future Queen called “The Kate.”

“These women have captivated the world’s attention with their dedication and reverence to the crown, qualities embodied in the two ‘Empresses,’” said Chagit Leviev, CEO of Leviev Group USA.

While Leviev didn’t include Meghan in the collection, there’s no word on what she’ll wear to the coronation, or even if she’ll go.


Holly Knight, who wrote some of iconic anthems of the ‘80s, is still shocked how many fans believe the singers composed the songs themselves.

Knight — who penned Tina Turner’s “The Best,” Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” and Patty Smyth’s “The Warrior” — told me, “To this day, people assume artists write their own material.”

Knight penned nine hits for Tina Turner, who was appreciative enough to write the foreword to “I Am the Warrior: My Crazy Life Writing the Hits and Rocking the MTV Eighties” due Tuesday from Permuted Press.

Benatar became “the godmother of being a ballsy woman” with “Love is a Battlefield,” Knight said.

“Do people even know that someone else wrote that song? Who’s to know if the song would have been as big with a different singer?”

Knight grew up in Stuyvesant Town and the Upper East Side. She played Mozart on the piano as a 4-year-old.

As a teenage rocker she changed her name. “We were all wanting to have the right stage name,” she said. “I Knighted myself.”

Two rockers featured in the book are Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS.

“They never did drugs or drank alcohol,” Knight said. “Two nice Jewish boys with an insatiable appetite for sex.”

The book also covers how she flirted with Don Johnson and Steven Tyler, and hung out with Rod Stewart and Jon Bon Jovi.


Disgraced former CBS boss Les Moonves, who was fired in 2018 over sexual misconduct allegations, is bracing for a new tell-all book from investigative reporters James Stewart and Rachel Abrams.

“Unscripted: The Epic Battle for a Media Empire and the Redstone Family Legacy,” about Moonves and the network’s late owner Sumner Redstone, is set for release in February.

The deep throat behind this book is said to be Gil Schwartz, the top p.r. rep at CBS who left the network when Moonves was forced out, and died two years ago.

Schwartz, who used the pen name Stanley Bing for decades writing books and magazine columns, felt he was lied to by Moonves and spilling all his secrets was his last act of revenge against his former boss.

The book will delve into Moonves’ alleged sexual misconduct, and abusive behavior toward his staff and talent. Also covered will be his marriage to Julie Chen, who retired from her popular show “The Talk” because of the scandal.

Moonves, who lost his $120 million severance package after breaching the morals clause in his contract, recently agreed to pay $2.5 million, with CBS forking over $28 million, to settle a suit brought by NY State Attorney General Letitia James.

“CBS and its senior leadership knew about multiple allegations of sexual assault made against Mr. Moonves and intentionally concealed those allegations from regulators, shareholders, and the public for months,” James’ office said.


A rabid coyote is terrorizing the northern Westchester area where Jennifer Gates, pregnant daughter of billionaire Bill Gates, has her 124-acre horse farm.

The coyote has already attacked two women who were walking on Turkey Hill Road, in North Salem. One woman was hospitalized.

“He went after her leg, tore her pants up and actually punctured her numerous times in the leg,” Peter Kamenstein, the deputy supervisor for the town, told WNBC.

Jennifer, an avid rider, married Nayel Nassar at her estate last year. On Thanksgiving she revealed that she’s expecting their first child.

Nassar, 31, the son of Egyptian parents, is a top-ranked show jumper who competed in his first Olympics in Tokyo for the Egyptian national team.

Town Supervisor Warren Lucas told me there are plenty of coyotes around, besides bobcats, moose and black bear. “You can hear them howling,” Lucas said.

“But I’ve never seen a situation like this where we have a rabid coyote.”

Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, is also an equestrian and has a 53-acre horse farm nearby.


Donald Trump’s second wife Marla Maples has quietly spent the last ten winters in Tulum, Mexico.

The “Georgia Peach” considers herself a holistic shaman and has even led health seminars in Tulum.

The native of Dalton, Ga. was a beauty queen and an actress, and has always been into alternative health regimes.

Maples certainly looked healthy at her daughter Tiffany Trump’s recent wedding at Mar-a-Lago.


Vincent Peters, who worked for Elon Musk at SpaceX and Starlink, is working now to end censorship in Cuba, where 18 artists are in jail, and many others are in hiding.

Peters will open his show “Art Is Dead” at the Art Hood gallery on Dec. 1 during Miami Art Week.


Insiders claim Kendall Jenner wants Devon Booker back.

The model and the Phoenix Suns star have broken up before and gotten back together.

But now the holidays are coming and the daughter of Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Kardashian wants to have someone to kiss under the mistletoe.

Her past romances have included Nick Jonas and Harry Styles, and NBA players Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons.


Howard Stern, Andrew Cuomo, and Laurence Fishburne were all represented by mother and daughter divorce lawyers Harriet Newman Cohen and Martha Cohen Stine.

The dynamic duo has just been named to Super Lawyers prestigious NY Metro Top 50 Women’s List and celebrated at La Goulue on E. 61st St.